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I strongly recommend Parasitology Center, Inc. for parasite testing.

I have been doing parasite testing for many years, and my opinion is that Parasitology Center, Inc. is the best. Looking for parasites is what they have been doing for years and Dr. Amin is an authority on parasites. I strongly recommend Parasitology Center, Inc. for parasite testing....


Thank you and dr. Amin for all the good work

4 years ago my dentist spilled an adhesive in my mouth. In a couple of weeks after I developed Morgellons symptons. I did not know about Morgellons then. It took me three years to find out. Since the symptones began I told many doctors what had happened at the dentist, but every single one of them thought I was a nutcase and left me without help....


I am doing better every day

Hi, Just checking in with you. I am doing better every day. Little by little. I have seen a holistic (biological dentist) and will have to have 6 extractions, no implants, but should be able to save the rest of my teeth, and get a removable bridge so i can SMILE...