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Morgellons Treatment Results

This is a testimonial showing results of years of Morgellons research, from Morgellons treatment:

Dear Dr. Amin,

Hello from the four corners area. I am doing very well-no doubt largely because of my being able to connect to you and better understand my condition. I have drafted an account of my being ill and my recovery (it still needs some work, but I feel very strongly I need to share this with others who are suffering).

Morgellons Treatment Results

Thank you very, very much for pursuing and figuring out NCS. You most certainly have made a difference in my life and others!

Forever a fan, JK.

I am a writer and a former sufferer of what has been called by many as Morgellon’s Disease. Just two weeks into a new teaching job, was when the crawling sensations started.  It felt like fleas zipping across my scalp. The “bug” feeling was subtle; still I went to the school nurse and ask her to check. Under magnified light, she examined my hair and found nothing.

The crawling got worse during the next week. I tried an old fashion approach to lice and put mayonnaise in my hair for three nights in a row (with a plastic bag like a shower cap over my head to keep my pillow clean); the crawling continued.

I went to see a doctor about my “bugs”. She looked at my scalp and said, “I don’t see anything, probably sheet mites.” She gave me a prescription for a pesticide cream to rid myself of them.  The cream seemed to quiet the crawling. Twice I’d thought I’d gotten rid of my bugs, but they came back. The crawling expanded from my scalp to my groin and the ends of my feet.

I couldn’t sleep; the “bugs” had crawled up into my nostrils and ear holes. I felt crazy with terror! Through the grace of God, I kept my cool and somehow avoided most hugs from friends at the conference. I tried my best to appear normal.

I called my doctor’s office from Denver. She decided to refer me to 3 specialists, a dermatologist, a neurologist and an allergist . The dermatologist turned out to be a class act. He didn’t examine me, but felt confident for my description that I had Scabies. “There’s a reason they call it the 7 years itch.” He laughed from his side of the room. He gave me some awful meds that made me terribly sick. The allergist clued me in on being allergic to some grasses, trees and dogs. He didn’t have the answers I was looking for. The neurologist gave me absolutely no answers.

I ordered some natural scabies cleaner from a site on the internet. I followed the directions of spraying the solution over my entire body morning, noon, and night. My home life wasn’t much better. I soaked with cleaner and laundered my sheets every night.  I got so paranoid of getting my “bugs” throughout my apartment, that I wiped down the switches, doorknobs, and plastic lawn chair (I had in the middle of my living room to sit on) at least twice each day. I put duct tape over my desk chair and my truck’s seat. I walked around in plastic shoes.

I continued to look for answers on the internet. A company representative asked me to tell him the symptoms. “I’m sorry,” he reluctantly responded, “We don’t treat incurable diseases.” “Look at our web site,” he suggested. This was the first that I’d heard of Morgellon’s Disease. It sounded horrible! No known cure, conditions worsening with time, eventually your skin appears as raw with colored hairs, and the likelihood of going insane; this was not something I wanted to have.

During the next week, I searched the web for Morgellon’s cures and found a variety of claims. I was frustrated, sick of being tired, and running out of money.

The weeks of having this condition turned into months. I started to drink alfalfa tea with honey every night; this had the effect of calming the night crawls. I noticed that the crawling seemed to increase at night.

I felt hopeless. None of the doctors I’d seen had any answers. What would I do? How would my life be? For some reason, I decided one morning to do a web search on “crawling sensations” instead of Morgellon’s. I came across an article by Dr. Amin on Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS). It intrigued me. In the article, he mentioned dental toxicity creating the same symptoms that I was experiencing (though he never referred to it as Morgellon’s Disease). I knew I had to investigate this further.

I called a biological dentist’s office and mentioned the article. I asked if they could help me by recommending a means to send off a blood sample to a testing lab. They did. The dentist office had test kits and offered to give me one. I needed only to stop by. The cost was $16 to get my blood sample taken and mixed as well as $250 to get sample tested at the lab it was some cost, but I felt strongly that I needed to know. I sent the sample off.

I also followed the suggestion to call my former dentist for copies of my records. I did another web search on Dr. Amin. Miraculously, I found out that he had an office only 16 miles from where I lived. I called and scheduled an appointment.

On the morning of my appointment, I drove up towards Dr. Amin’s  office with a copy of my dental records and reactivity testing report, my only companions. My mind wondered what he would be able to tell me. Maybe he’s just someone out to make a buck, I thought. I tried to keep realistic and not get my hopes too high. He might help me and he might not. I sat on a couch and waited for Dr. Amin. How many others with my condition had sat here? And shouldn’t his assistant and him self be concerned about getting these parasites? And just some of my wandering thoughts.

“Fill these out.” Dr. Amin’s assistant handed me several sheets of paper. The questions primarily related to the symptoms of the condition. Coming out of the back room, Dr. Amin sat down and introduced him self . I gave him the papers I had filled out, along with my dental records and my blood test results. He was interrupted by an overseas phone call he had to take.When he returned, he said, “you have NCS. You will get better.”

He explained how the symptoms came about and connected them to dental liners explaining that some of the ingredients in liners were the same as those in nerve gas.

I asked him how he figured out the connection between the symptoms and dental toxicity. I had several cases with these symptoms. It took me four years to figure it out. I was hesitant to publish anything.

He explained the protocol for healing; it consists of two parts. First, the primary source of toxins must be removed and replaced (dental fillings, liners and adhesives). Second, the body needs to be detoxified from the poisonous substances.

Though Dr. Amin recommended only three fillings taken out per month, I had all ten of my fillings and associated under liners replaced within a two week period. I had no problem, but Dr. Amin mentioned a former patient felt like she was dying.

Dr. Amin’s protocol gave a list of helpful supplements (vitamins, minerals, and antioxdants) and homeopathics given for detoxification.

A huge part of the healing for me was realizing I was not contagious. The process itself has taken quite awhile (and I will continue to detoxify for some time). After my fillings and all were removed and replaced, I still felt the crawling for some time, but it was different. I would describe the sensation as becoming numb. Instead of feeling like bugs were crawling on me, it felt similar to when your foot falls asleep (and eventually this faded too). The change in sensation assured me that I was not dealing with parasites at all.

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