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Morgellons Disease Pictures and Story

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that it is launching a study to learn about an unexplained condition that causes people to feel as if they have foreign substances growing from their bodies.

People with the condition, referred to as Morgellons disease, say they have fibers and other inorganic material growing out of their skin.

“We earnestly want to learn more about this unexplained illness, which affects the lives of those who suffer from it,” said Dr. Michele Pearson, principal investigator leading the study for the CDC, in a press release. “Those who suffer have questions, and we want to help them.”

“We have a team of epidemiologists, laboratorians and pathologists to carry out the study,” Pearson said.

The study will be conducted in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research.

In 2006, a number of Morgellons sufferers told ABC News in interviews that when they consulted doctors, they received diagnoses they called wrong or dismissive. Brandi Koch, the wife of former Major League Baseball player Billy Koch, said that she felt as if she were living in a horror movie, claiming she had colored fibers coming out of her skin.

Koch, of Clearwater Beach, Fla., said that her life was good until one day in the shower when she noticed something strange — tiny fibers running through her skin.Morgellons Fibers

“The fibers look like hair, and they’re different colors,” Koch said.

Koch said she knows that what she experienced “sounds crazy,” but it’s true. “If I had a family member call me up and say, ‘I have this stuff,’ I’d say, ‘I’m sending a straitjacket over. You need some help,’” she said.

Anne Dill described a similar condition. Looking at Dill’s life in Florida, she seemed to be living the American dream — her three daughters excelled in sports and were straight-A students.

But life in the Dill household was far from idyllic. Anne’s 40-year-old husband, Tom, died in January 2006, and she believes his death was due to a contagious illness that has infected her entire family.

Dill described her family’s skin: “There’s this fibrous material. It’s in layers.” Dill said the skin on their hands was particularly bad, very swollen and itchy, and said it felt as if bugs were crawling underneath the skin. Continue Reading on TimeSocket

Here are some pictures of Morgellons Disease



Image sequence 1 of Morgellons patient. Note the ink outline

Image sequence 2 of Morgellons patient. Closer view of outline area.

Image sequence 3 of Morgellons patient. Zooming in on outline area.

Image sequence 4 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 2x.

Image sequence 5 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 4x.

Image sequence 6 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 10x – note ink line at right.

Image sequence 7 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note ink line still present.

Image sequence 8 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x.

Image sequence 9 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note hair in foreground.

Image sequence 10 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 80x.

Image sequence 11 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 200x.

Lip of 3-year-old male at 10x showing fibers embedded in skin.

Fibers removed from same lip lesions shown at 60x.

Image showing autofluorescence of fibers from child’s lip skin lesion.

Heel of 3-year-old male at 10x showing lesions with associated fibers.

Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.

Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.

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  • Renee Pass
    May 31, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    I have a friend that has these same very symptoms and has been deemed dilusional by the state. Is there any way to get more info on his so I can try to help her! She has been in immense pain and agony for six years now. Please help me help her!
    Thank you for any help!


    Renee Pass

  • steven Davis
    June 12, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Thanks. I’ve been coded delusional many times. Now I take my microscope to ER

  • terry evans
    December 31, 2016 at 8:06 am

    My wife is experiencing this now i believe but have not had dr. Confirmation so i am asking What do I do?

    • karim
      January 3, 2017 at 5:09 pm

      Please contact us at phone #480-767-2522

  • Ryan Carty
    February 4, 2018 at 11:53 pm

    I have the same sores and issues as all the above all the doctors make me out to be crazy too. Here I was a respiratory therapist for 10 yrs in a Philadelphia city hospital. I think this could be related to t. whipplei. Any way you can help me I’m from New Jersey but reside in Arizona city right now. I lost everything because of this sicness and keep getting worse. And they’re right the psychiatric stuff just makes you worse in regards to all of this. I’m getting porphyria rashes and attacks now from not being able to eat and no one is helping me or doing anything for me it’s all very, very scary. Luckily I’m an educated person and have used my knowledge to figure things out. I always had great clinical expertise that’s why I was such a good rrt. Thank you for this. I think the cdc never found anything in regards to morgellons because they weren’t looking or testing for the right things. Just my personal opinion.

  • Ryan Carty
    February 5, 2018 at 12:02 am

    I really think t. whipplei could be the real culprit that’s what they were thinking with me but still have yet to be able to prove it. It’s def a bacteria causing these sores and lesions. What do you guys do or offer as far as testing and treatment goes and do you take medicaid? I’ve spread this to my whole entire family including my two young kids back in Jersey who are only 3 and 7 and have all the same symptoms and issues. I contacted the doh out here in Arizona and back in Jersey no one cared to look into matters or investigate it at all. All they said is we’ll keep an eye out that was it. Please contact me or email me if you could with information. I’m at my whits end I’m due to see an infectious disease doctor on the 12th but not putting much faith into it they never believe me when I explain my symptoms.

  • Ryan Carty
    February 5, 2018 at 12:17 am

    The stuff is contagious as all hell read tropheryma whipplei causes epidemic fever in Senegal that’ll tell you just how contagious it is. BTW do you guys have a stool, saliva, or urine testing for any of this stuff. I think if they would have done that in regards to whipple’a disease they would have found it and diagnosed me already. They said no such test exists. Yet they were able to test the people in Africa that way for it but not here in the US now tell me how that makes any damn sense it doesn’t at all. Please contact me my family and I need help badly. Thank you again.

    • Ben Ben
      February 5, 2018 at 4:32 pm

      You can contact PCI at 480-767-2522 and they will be able to help you. You can also visit and fill out our Morgellons questionnaire.