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How to Get Support for Morgellons Disease

By an eHow Contributor

Patients with Morgellons disease suffer from skin lesions, unexplained fibers protruding from their skin, memory loss and crippling fatigue. However, more troubling than these symptoms is the lack of support and resources for Morgellons patients. Doctors described Morgellons disease more than 300 years ago, but the medical community hasn’t formally recognized or legitimized this disorder. This disregard makes the support of loved ones essential for Morgellons patients.

  • Communicate with other Morgellons patients. Although most cases of the disease occur in Florida, Texas and California, Morgellons patients exist worldwide. Use online medical discussion boards like the one maintained by Morgellons Disease Research to connect with others coping with the same disease.
  • Find a doctor who believes that Morgellons disease is a legitimate condition. Although widely discounted in the medical community, a core group of health professionals believes Morgellons is a real disease.
  • Read about Morgellons disease in scholarly medical journals. Peer-reviewed journals concentrate the research of many doctors to advance the medical community’s knowledge about this disorder.
  • Consider the possibility of other health conditions that produce similar symptoms. Although Morgellons patients often attribute all of their symptoms to Morgellons, sometimes other treatable conditions like anxiety or depression coexist with the disorder.
  • Seek professional support from a therapist or counselor. Managing a debilitating disease places stress on everyone, including caregivers. If you feel that you need more support than loved ones can provide, meet with a licensed professional trained to help patients with health problems.
  • Participate in activities you enjoy. Maintaining your interests can give you hope and a sense of purpose, so that Morgellons disease doesn’t define your life.

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