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Dermatological Symptoms in Chronic Cases of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) or Morgellons

The terms Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) are used interchangeably, yet cautiously, as their symptoms are very similar. At the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), we have been researching NCS since 1996. Our early reports on this syndrome included the description of a case with many facial opportunistic infections from Oklahoma and the first naming and diagnosis of NCS from 3 more cases, with a special reference to fibers and springtails (Collembola). By 2003, we were able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of NCS and establish the link to dental toxins as the causative agents. We clarified the nature of action of dental liners (bases) in the causation of NCS neurological and dermatological symptoms. Various versions of this landmark publication were subsequently published elsewhere. We established a causal relationship with dental toxins, as well as with other less frequent toxic exposures, developed a protocol, and successfully treated patients.

Through our research we reported on eight cases of chronic Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) exhibiting extreme dermatological symptoms. Dermatological symptoms are usually preceded by intermediate neurological stages of crawling and pin pricking sensations. We have developed a protocol that successfully resolves the symptoms of NCS. “Delusional parasitosis” and Morgellons disease cases should be assigned to NCS and treated as such.

The literature on delusional parasitosis dismisses “delusional patients” as psychiatric cases with imaginary external and internal symptoms that feel like parasite movements. We have researched over 1000 “delusional” patients since 1996 at PCI. We have concluded that the internal sensations of crawling and pin-pricking, often confused with parasite movement, are actually caused by toxicity from exposure to toxic chemicals including but not limited to dental materials that interfere with the propagation of normal nerve impulse.

We also have evidence that external parasites/organisms including springtails (Collembola),other arthropods, bacteria, and fungi represent only opportunistic infections of skin sites compromised by toxins. The elimination of toxins from the skin will cause breaks that will allow the establishment of external infections. We have described a new pathological disorder that we called Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome because of the neurological and the dermatological symptoms that characterize it.

This epidemic-in-disguise has been routinely misdiagnosed by medical professionals who often label patients as delusional because of their description of their neurological symptoms (actually caused by nerve damage) as having been caused
by parasite infections. We have specifically addressed this issue while discussing the clinical history of 24 NCS patients.

To read the full scientific publication please click here.

Introducing our NCS Protocol

Product Description

If you have not read the background information on NCS, seen the videos, or read the articles or testimonials please do so first on our Morgellon’s page. This will familiarize yourself with the disease and help you determine if your symptoms may be caused by NCS. There is no test to determine if you have NCS so it’s diagnosis is symptom based. Fill out our NCS Questionnaire to get a better assesment of the likelihood of you having the disease.

Due to an overwhelming demand from patients with symptoms of Morgellon’s Disease (NCS), we have developed a web based, self help program for recovery from NCS to make help more readily available to a larger population. The NCS Protocol is a step by step detailed guide including all neccesary resources to realize a complete recovery. By following the 6 step protocol you will join over a thousand others who have fully recovered from this devastating disease. Please feel free to read the Patient testimonials from our patients who have recovered from the disease.


  • Verification that you are an NCS case. This can be done by answering the questionnaire. Grade yourself on a scale of 1-3. (1; mild, 2; moderate; and 3; severe symptoms) If you have scored moderate or severe in the categories of movement, crawling, or pin-prick sensations, you are probably a genuine case of NCS. If you have scored moderate or severe in other neurological, skin, organ system, or general categories, this will represent added confirmation of your NCS status.
  • Log in as a new patient.
  • Review the informed consent form. By proceeding to step #4 and purchasing the NCS Protocol, you have acknowledged that you have read and agreed to the consent form.
  • Purchase “NCS Protocol*” This protocol has been designed after 14 years of research. We have found a causal relationship to the disease and have helped hundreds of patients recover. 10 papers have been published by Dr. Amin re: NCS in scientific journals reviewed by a group of peers and approved by reputable sources. If you have any questions before purchasing please email [email protected], or call the lab. We will be happy to assist you.



The NCS Protocol includes a digital document that is emailed to you upon purchase. It is a step by step informational document that, if followed, will eradicate Morgellons disease (NCS). It includes your first month of treatment which includes a topical and internal detoxifier that will help dry up any sores if present. Also included are liquid detox products. There are 4 products in all included in the treatment program. Also recommended in the protocol are vitamins that support detoxification (most can be purchased in a good multi vitamin). Another step in the protocol is to do a specialized blood test which tests your blood against every chemical that is used in any dental procedure and determines if you are “highly reactive, moderately reactive, or least reactive to that chemical. It is done by an outside lab and the fees are paid directly to them. You must be off of antibiotics for 30 days before doing the blood draw. This is the most important step as it will determine the source of your NCS. If your source of NCS is not dental we have another “unknown toxins” or “hair analysis” test that we can have run for you. There is also reference to lymphatic massage which will help your detoxification process by breaking down the toxins into smaller molecules that are more easily emitted. A dental records request form is also included. This form is designed to easily identify what materials were used in your mouth and cross reference them with the results of the blood test referenced above. Also Included in the recovery program, upon request, is a support group who has recovered from NCS who have volunteered to help other victims of NCS and to shed light on the recovery process and the realization that this is a situation that can be resolved.


Choice #1: ONLINE PROTOCOL: $390 would be the total cost for the protocol which includes one month of treatment. You will need to do a specialized blood test ($325), which is outsourced to another company. You will be paying them, and will have to go to a local laboratory to get a blood draw. Most people will need to be on the treatment for more than one month. The products that are recommended in this protocol come out to $255 for a 2 month supply.


Follow up can be arranged with PCI after purchasing the protocol. If your dentist or practitioner is not familiar with the blood test report, or you are unable to decipher which chemical(s) is the source of your toxicity, if supplied with the proper dental records, we will interpret these test results to detect and confirm the source. There is a flat fee of $100 for this service (if there are extraordinary amounts of dental records or paperwork that fee could be higher). Please Contact us to request this service.

Please see our policies for information on refunds and specimen collection, inadaquete samples, insurance reimbursement, etc…

*Patent 13367629 pending. Any disclosure or redistribution of material in the protocol without written consent of PCI is illegal.

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  • Ashley White
    September 1, 2016 at 8:19 am

    I have questions regarding payment. we are a low-income household.l living on welfare with two children. We are suffering significantly from this disease and it’s just getting worse. Are there any other ways to get the treatment you recommend to your patients? Payment wise that is……..we are desperate.