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Research Material

Following is a list of publications of public health importance that are available from this website. Middle Eastern scientists take the lead in research on world’s most prevalent protozoal infection Describes Dr. Amin’s contribution to the identification of parasites in the United States. Understanding Parasites should increase your awareness of the many different types of parasitic diseases. Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) describes a new disorder of the skin and nervous system Recovering from Morgellon’s Disease, Patients’ Perspectives details 15 accounts of patients who have recovered from Morgellon’s in their own words. Pathogenic Bacteria explains GI symptoms in the absence of parasite infections. Published in the Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology. Bio-indicators describes biological artifacts that are sometimes confused for parasites Causes and Management of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) addresses dental toxicity causes and treatment of NCS, with several case histories. Misdiagnosis and...