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Dermatological Symptoms in Chronic Cases of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) or Morgellons

The terms Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) are used interchangeably, yet cautiously, as their symptoms are very similar. At the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), we have been researching NCS since 1996. Our early reports on this syndrome included the description of a case with many facial opportunistic infections from Oklahoma and the first naming and diagnosis of NCS from 3 more cases, with a special reference to fibers and springtails (Collembola). By 2003, we were able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of NCS and establish the link to dental toxins as the causative agents. We clarified the nature of action of dental liners (bases) in the causation of NCS neurological and dermatological symptoms. Various versions of this landmark publication were subsequently published elsewhere. We established...


Morgellons disease: How to Manage It

Morgellons is mysterious and arguable. Here you will find answers to common questions on Morgellons— and suggestions for dealing with it. Morgellons is quite uncommon and unexplained disease characterised by sores, creeping sensations on and below the skin, and filaments rising from the sores. It isn't quite  sure what these strings really are. Some say they're wisps of cotton thread, most likely deriving from clothing or bandages. Others suggest that they result from an infectious process within the skin cells. more study is surely required. Signs and symptoms People who have Morgellons usually report the subsequent signs and/or symptoms: Skin rashes or skin sores that could cause itchiness Sensations of crawling on and below the skin Fibers or black stringy material in and on the skin Fatigue Difficulty in concentrating Short-term memory loss The intense...

Morgellons Disease Explained

Singer Joni Mitchell was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday. While what caused her to be found unconscious is still unknown to the public, the New York Times points out that Mitchell has said in the past she has a disease known as Morgellons. But what is it? Morgellons is a syndrome where people feel like something is right under their skin, or trying to come out of it. People who have the disorder will describe pulling “fibers” and other tiny objects like “specks, granules, dots, worms, sand, eggs, fuzz balls and larvae” through their skin. This can leave lesions and scars on their body. Morgellons is not very well understood and is controversial within the medical community. It’s clear people who say they have Moregellons are...

The mystery surrounding Morgellons disease

Source: Those who suffer from the condition say symptoms include itchiness, fatigue and unusual skin fibers. Those who suffer from Morgellons often say they feel alone and betrayed by a medical community that has dismissed their symptoms as nothing more than delusions. (Photo: Shutterstock) Earlier this week, legendary singer Joni Mitchell was rushed to the hospital after fainting at her home in Bel Air, California. While still under observation by doctors, an update provided to fans said the 71-year-old is resting comfortably and that "she continues to improve and get stronger each day." What was not disclosed was the exact illness Mitchell is suffering from, leading to speculation that Morgellons disease, a health condition she's spoken about in the past, might be responsible. "I have this weird, incurable disease that seems...


Morgellons Treatment

New developments on Morgellons sheds light on a previously unknown disease. The work of Dr. Omar Amin has opened doors for Morgellons sufferers, not only offering them treatment of causes and symptoms, but offering credible evidence through scientific study, and treatment of the disease. Many claims of home remedies, skin oils, and magnetic devices curing the disease have been proven to be falsehoods, blurring the lines between science and pseudo-science. As more people are diagnosed, more treatments and “cure alls” hit the market. But there is one thing many of these products are lacking. Results. Dr. Omar Amin has treated thousands of patients with Morgellons (NCS) with stunning results. Testimonials from respected doctors, nutritionists, and patients that have achieved a full recovery through Dr. Amin’s NCS protocol,...


Parasitic Infection in America

There’s no use denying it, reports of parasitic infection have been appearing more frequently, and in places you might not expect. Some estimates place the infection rate at 90% in the US alone. Another estimates shows that as many as 50% of preschool children are infected with pinworm. With symptoms like; chronic Fatigue, irregular digestion, and irritated bowels, many people will go through they life never suspecting that a parasitic infection is causing their symptoms. This is a major risk to the health of Americans, one which is still under the radar.   Why would Americans worry about parasites? Parasites are found in every economic climate, though they are more prevalent poorer countries. Literally every facet of our survival deal with parasites, such as in our food and...