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Dog Parasites - Cats Parasites

Protecting your Dogs and Cat from Parasites

I actually don’t wish to ‘open up a can of worms’ for pet house owners. However, I do suppose it’s vital for house owners to understand about worms or parasites which will have an impact on their pet’s health. It’s a tangle that we must always be ready to eliminate as a priority for pets and therefore the individuals in their families. We are lucky to live in a country where it’s rather common to recognize the threat of parasites to our human health. It is vital to remember that our pets, when it comes to parasites, live in rather a unique world. We have to be aware of actions that we should take, for both our pets and ourselves, to make sure those 2 worlds don’t...

Protect Your Cats and Dogs from Parasites

I certainly do not want to ‘open up a can of worms’ for pet owners. However, I do think it’s important for owners to know about worms or parasites that can have an effect on their pet’s health. It is a problem that we should be able to eliminate as a concern for pets and the people in their families. We are fortunate to live in a country where it is rather easy to forget about the threat of parasites to our human health. It is important to remember that our pets, when it comes to parasites, live in rather a different world. We need to be aware of actions we must take, for both our pets and ourselves, to ensure those two worlds do not collide. Roundworms,...

Heartworm prevention for cats and dogs

Pet Points: Heartworm prevention for cats and dogs

Original Source: DETROIT - What are the latest recommendations for preventing heartworm disease in my dog and cat? With summer fading away and temperatures cooling down, many people may be considering stopping their monthly heartworm preventative for the winter. While many pet owners associate heartworm disease with the onset of spring, the American Heartworm Society has made clear recommendations to maintain dogs and cats on year-round heartworm preventative. Heartworm disease is as horrible as it sounds. Through a simple mosquito bite, worms infect an animal, travel through the tissues into the bloodstream, and once mature end up in the pulmonary arteries, heart, and lungs. The worms can grow to be anywhere from 4 to 12 inches long, can cause severe damage to the lungs and arteries and in...

Pet Pause: Doc advises pro-active plan for parasites in your pet

Source: Most owners of dogs and cats think of their pets as precious family members and are often horrified at the possibility their loved one may be infected with internal parasites with no obvious evidence of it on the outside. How could Fluffy or Tiger possibly get such a thing? Intestinal parasites are various types of worms that can live in the pet’s intestinal tract. They are such things as roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, as well as some protozoa parasites like giardia and coccidia. Parasites like these are often picked up by pets that inadvertently ingest parasite eggs or spores in contaminated soil, water, feces or food. In the case of tapeworms, they can be transmitted to dogs and cats by ingesting a flea. Some cats...

Up to three quarters of dogs/cats at risk of disease

Source: Vets are urging people to think about long-term animal care before buying a puppy or kitten, after figures revealed millions of the country’s favourite pets could be at risk from disease and pests. According to figures from MSD Animal Health, 55.5 per cent of dogs (4.99 million) and 77.5 per cent of cats (6.97 million) in the UK are not vaccinated against illnesses including distemper, cat flu and feline leukaemia. Now Vets4Pets is encouraging all new puppy and kitten owners to give their pet a healthy start to life by providing suitable vaccinations and treatments. Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vets4Pets, said: “Vaccinating your pet provides it with the best level of care possible and helps to prevent millions of puppies and kittens catching some...

Learning leads to preventive medicine

Source: There is an epidemic in America. It is not ebola or measles, at least not yet. No, we are faced with an epidemic of willful ignorance. We live in a society benefited by amazing advances in science and culture. You can hold in your hand a device smaller than a sandwich that can show you a live video feed from space. You can receive medical treatments to supplement or even replace organs. Your pets have benefited from these advancements. But some people have decided not to utilize these scientific advancements, yielding a detriment to the health of dogs. When I was a little kid, parvo killed thousands of dogs, including one of my own. We now have a safe and effective vaccine that can come as close to...



Source: FORT WORTH, TX--(MILITARY-TECHNOLOGIES.NET - May 1, 2015) - Virbac announces a parasite awareness initiative with its newly acquired broad-spectrum parasite prevention medication, SENTINEL® SPECTRUM® (milbemycin oxime • lufenuron • praziquantel). Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)i, the safe and effective once-monthly oral medication is a soft beef-and-bacon flavored chewable that is effective against heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and fleas in dogsii. SENTINEL SPECTRUM is the only product that is effective in dogs against all six of these parasites, making parasite protection for dogs more convenient and comprehensive than ever before. Until now, the only way to keep dogs safe from all six of these parasites was to use multiple preventatives or treatments. Sadly, millions of dogs are still unprotected Among these six parasites, heartworms are the most dreaded. "Heartworm disease...


What You Need to Know About Heartworm


My passion is protecting dogs in all ways — promoting spay and neuter to reduce the population of unwanted animals, encouraging people to rescue dogs from shelters, and helping them to find a balanced relationship that will make for a happy dog and happy humans.

But I also want to protect dogs from disease, and there’s one killer lurking out there that is silent and invisible. If there are mosquitos in your area, then your dog is at risk. I’m going to share with you what you need to know about heartworm.


Roundworms in Dogs

Roundworms? by Ascarids, more commonly known as roundworms, are the most common type or worm parasite in dogs and cats. Humans are capable of acquiring roundworms as well. The two species common in dog are Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonine. These worms live in both the stomach and the intestines. They grow up to 7 inches long. A female roundworm can lay up to 200,00 eggs, each protected by a hard shell, a day. Imagine how quickly they can spread at that rate. They are able to live for months or even years in the soil. There are four ways dogs can pick up roundworms. The first is prenatal infection. This occurs when the larvae migrate through the placenta to the unborn puppy. This is very common...


Heartworms in Dogs

by: Rustburg Veterinary Clinic Although you may think that your pet is safe from heartworms, heartworm-infected animals and the mosquitoes that transmit the disease have been positively identified throughout this region of the state.  Several cases have even been diagnosed at Rustburg Veterinary Clinic, each time in pets who had not been given preventive medicine. Heartworm has been diagnosed in dogs in all parts of the world and in all 50 states, and is actually very common. The disease has virtually a 100% prevalence rate in unprotected dogs living in highly endemic areas, which includes the majority of the southeastern and midwestern USA. Because of this vast reservoir of dogs, coyotes, and other mammals infected with heartworms, future eradication of the disease in Virginia is highly improbable, and unprotected animals are at very high risk. Heartworm, caused by the organism Dirofilaria immitis, is...