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Ascension water system clear of deadly amoeba

Officials say the brain-eating amoeba found in a west Ascension Parish water system this summer has been eradicated. The announcement follows weeks of treatment involving pumping increased amounts of chlorine into water lines outside Donaldsonville. State health officials say water with the amoeba has been safe to drink. However, water containing the amoeba poses a risk if it gets up someone's nose and the amoeba has access to the brain. Since 2011, three deaths in Louisiana have been attributed to the harmful strain of amoeba, prompting the Department of Health and Hospitals to order the state's water systems to raise their chlorination levels. Source:

Amoeba Parasite

Scientists Create Immunity to Deadly Parasite by Manipulating Host’s Genes

Original Source: There are two common approaches to protecting humans from infectious disease: targeting pathogens and parasites with medicines such as antibiotics, or dealing with the conditions that allow transmission. Now exciting new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the University of Colorado demonstrates the effectiveness of a third strategy: adjusting the landscape of the human body to remove the mechanism that allows pathogens to cause disease. The researchers have silenced genes within human cells to induce immunity to the parasite E. histolytica, which infects 50 million people and causes 40,000 to 110,000 deaths worldwide each year via severe diarrhea. “This amoeba is a cluster bomb – a voracious killer,” said U.Va.’s Chelsea Marie, a research scientist in infectious diseases and international health,...

Suppressing Immune System Might Save People Infected By Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri

Source: [caption id="attachment_974" align="alignleft" width="424"] People who become contract Naegleria fowleri may survive a little longer, or altogether, if doctors prevent their immune systems from responding to the infection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[/caption] Naegleria fowleri lives up to its nickname: the brain-eating amoeba. After a rush of contaminated fresh water, usually from lakes, rivers, and hot springs, enters the nose, the parasite moves up the nasal cavity toward the brain, where it feeds on cells and releases proteins that destroy brain tissue. This infection, called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM), is almost always untreatable — in the U.S., only three of the 133 people who became infected since the parasite’s discovery in 1962 have survived. New approaches to treatment, however, may soon change that. Doctors have...


Climate Change Does Have Some Winners, Like Brain-Eating Parasites

BY JOE ROMM POSTED ON APRIL 14, 2015 AT 2:27 PM - Source: An aedes aegypti mosquito, which spreads dengue (and chikungunya) virus. The 2014 National Climate Assessment warned that climate change is “increasing the risk of … health threats that are currently uncommon in the United States, such as dengue fever.” CREDIT: AP PHOTO/USDA, FILE It’s a myth there are no big winners from climate change besides fossil fuel companies. According to one study, global warming is doubling bark beetle mating, triggering up to 60 times as many beetles attacking trees every year. The decline in creatures with shells thanks to ocean acidification “could trigger an explosion in jellyfish populations.” And climate change has helped dengue fever, which spread to 28 U.S. states back in 2009. Of course, invasive plants will become “even more dominant...


Tests and Treatment

Full GI Panel Our Full GI Panel consists of our Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test and our Swab Culture Test.  The combination of these two test provdies full coverage screening of all intestinal pathogens and is recommended for anyone experiencing GI symptoms. Please see details of each individual test and their relevant publications below. Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test It provides a detailed analysis of all intestinal parasites (Protozoa, Trematodes, Tapeworms, Nematodes) from all 7 continents as well as an overview of other intestinal organisms including Candida, yeast, and other fungi.  See Dr. Amin’s article Understanding Parasites for informative background on parasitic infections and prevalence. Analysis of bio-indicators such as red and white blood cells, mucus, fatty acid crystals, starch granules, undigested tissue beneficial bacteria, epithelial cells, pollen, and charcot-leyden crystals is also included....


Research Material

Following is a list of publications of public health importance that are available from this website. Middle Eastern scientists take the lead in research on world’s most prevalent protozoal infection Describes Dr. Amin’s contribution to the identification of parasites in the United States. Understanding Parasites should increase your awareness of the many different types of parasitic diseases. Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) describes a new disorder of the skin and nervous system Recovering from Morgellon’s Disease, Patients’ Perspectives details 15 accounts of patients who have recovered from Morgellon’s in their own words. Pathogenic Bacteria explains GI symptoms in the absence of parasite infections. Published in the Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology. Bio-indicators describes biological artifacts that are sometimes confused for parasites Causes and Management of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) addresses dental toxicity causes and treatment of NCS, with several case histories. Misdiagnosis and...